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Steve Stenvers



As creator of the RisX approach, addressing Leadership, Culture and Risk, Steve brings his unique insights and extensive front line experience to the board of RisX Group.

“It’s easy to create a complex solution to a complex problem; the art is in creating a simple solution to complex problems”.

Steve is a qualified engineer with a Master’s in Business Leadership and has over 30 years’ experience across mining, oil and gas, infrastructure and manufacturing, both land based and off-shore in the maritime industry; at all levels from senior executive to front line, providing a broad range of services including risk management, culture development, leadership development and coaching, project execution, systems development and auditing, general HSE support and training.

Steve has a passion for achieving what at times may not seem possible, brings clear insight into what works and what doesn’t, and what is ultimately required to achieve great business results. His vision is to implement simple and innovative solutions that achieve high quality and profitable results that are delivered on time, and that prevent harm to people and the environment.

About Us

The RisX humanistic approach has been developed over 30 years of on-the-ground operational experience in a diverse range of high-risk work environments across many sectors, including resources, energy, manufacturing and services, around the world, and across cultures, the RisX Program is a series of risk leadership training modules that deliver a transformational approach to identifying, engaging with, capitalising on, and avoiding some of the pitfalls of risk.

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