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We Can’t Win A Game Looking At The Scoreboard

Traditional Approaches

Over recent years the approach to safety has become increasingly unwieldy and complex, often disconnecting from core business processes and ultimately eroding productivity and value. Real improvement lies in the art of creating simple solutions to complex problems.

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Team Game

Successful leaders realised long ago that winning a team game is not about focusing on a scoreboard (the result), but creating accountability for a clear game plan.

“The only thing worse than no plan is two plans”

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Different Thinking

The greatest achievements in human endeavour have come from successfully taking risks. The RisX approach transcends traditional thinking and provides improved capability to actively respond to complex and changing environments.
“Our ability to manage risk is limited only by our imagination.”

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The RisX Approach

Change the way your people think about risk leadership with a proven approach for moving from Passive to Active engagement.
Delivering improved safety performance, efficiency and better business results.

RisX Foundation

An introduction to the core principles and underlying philosophy of the RisX approach.

RisX SnapShot

A strategic and interactive process to understand your organisation’s current capability in dealing with risk.


A cutting edge process improving capability; providing clear insight, and control of high consequence risks.


A powerful program to create a team based focus on the drivers of operational control.


Stress testing your system to breaking point at the front line where risk lives.

RisX Index

Drawing on the RisX processes to provide a meaningful leading indicator of your organisation’s control of risk.

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Accreditation & Certification

Each of our consultants have been accredited under a robust accreditation program. RisX Certification
is your assurance that programs are consistently delivered to our exacting quality standards

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We are currently assisting numerous global tier-1 companies in the resources, energy and services sectors,
to activate a step-change improvement in risk leadership.  Please contact us for testimonials and case studies.